Audio and Video


Whether you want an audio system that lets everyone know where the party is, or just some light background music during a dinner party, we’ve got you covered.  In a world where any song or artist is just a click away, why not experience that with the best audio products?

Let us see you through design and calibration for your audio needs.  Desert Media only uses the top of the line speakers and amps.  If you want something truly state-of-the-art and completely unique, we  also do Custom Handcrafted Speakers.  Our handcrafted speakers can be designed with your lifestyle, your décor, and your sound preferences. Whether you like the look of modern, clean lines or something more traditional, we can customize the speakers for you. From multi zone audio, to outdoor, to single room applications, we design to fit your needs. Imagine being able to control all of your playlists, streaming services and your music library directly from your smart phone.